3D Exploring ideas of lines, planes, surfaces and space.

There are a substantial number of triangular forms hidden within this image. They are revealed when the image is displayed via projector in large scale. This highlights the hidden patterns in harmonious connections.


These are a collection of images taken in and around Millennium Point and some city outskirts in Birmingham for my 3D module week 1. They are exploring the relationship between surface planes which act as physical conscious matter and the invisible unconscious spaces within and around them. The sense of aesthetic balance is something that seems to me as arriving out of the interplay between the energy that is visible and that which is invisible. The physical structures act as the focal point but it is the gaps between one surface and another and the interplay of lines, textures and light (including shadow) that reveal a beautiful ballet that architecture acts as the conductor of. Much as a piece of music might use note length, repitition or silence to establish unconscious harmonious relationships between the conscious sounds.

There is an amalgamation of flat surfaces that create additional structures via the variances of juxtaposition. These photographs taken for the project explore the idea of planes, surfaces and space in existing architecture.

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