3D Module, The energy within the boundaries of solid planes

These are a collection of photographs that I took around the current New Street station development in Birmingham for the 3D module. The reasoning behind them is to explore the energy that is present in the structures themselves and the alive dynamic nature of the spaces that are bounded by the visible matter. I found the study of the platonic solids in the module and particularly the simplest tetrahedron opened up my thinking to ideas of energy that becomes contained inside the outlines of visible planes. I was excited by the vibrancy of the gaps between the matter forming recognisable solids such as triangles and squares and how it’s containment offered opportunity for creative exploration which to me fostered an aesthetic of the invisible.

Science has brought us to a deeper understanding of electrons, protons, neutrons all spinning and swirling contained within atoms and their collisions, bindings and rejections of other atoms, all things in a state of constant motion. I could feel this as sensation within the platonic solid boundaries of visible material planes. I was interested in these invisible forces swirling within those contained spaces, which for me drove a better understanding of how the visible planes themselves interact with other solids and surfaces such as we discussed in the lessons producing harmony or disharmony depending upon how these elements both visible and not where arranged.

I personally feel working with the tetrahedrons allowed me to photographically explore relationships which would otherwise not resonate on the conscious mind. I found myself understanding and feeling weight, lightness, speed, slowness and so on within the bounded space depending upon the length, size, width and relationship of one line in the platonic solids to another and their juxtaposition to other forms or spaces. It also allowed me to develop ideas of harmonious collage that echoed with the architectural forms so that architecture became this living, breathing pliable force not just surrounded by dead empty space but interacting with it, exciting it and creating new invigorating relationships out of its presence.

Image of construction.

Photographed to convey a feeling of active energy in the physical matter and the layering of empty space to form both a cohesion and discontinuity.

Architectural energy collage.

Exploring energy through architectural collage.

New Street electrical wiring.

Tangible sensation of weight within the boundaries of a random triangular formation of electrical wiring. Invisible energy felt as force via the relationship of one visible line to another.

Birmingham New Street construction

Repetition of lines adding dimension, depth and energy to a static industrial landscape

Girder collage.

Construction girder collage with space treated as planes of vertical overlap to emphasise possible relationships between visible and invisible matter.

Collage to emphasise dominant volume

Dominant volumes, the sensation of being overwhelmed by structure and the heaviness of buildings when not working empathetically with space and other surrounding forms. The relationship to the ground becomes monolithic and lacks human sympathy.

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