3D Module, The influence of Lebbeus Woods & Sol Lewitt on my thinking.

I spent time looking at various artists work and the culmination of much of my reading lead me to a place where I wanted to explore human body kinetics in my tetrahedron construction through the ideas being presented in other artists work. I found the tetrahedron to be a fascinating structure and the triangular faces to represent more than platonic solids but rather containers of invisible energy.

I was particularly interested in the ideas of Sol Lewitt and Lebbius Woods and I saw parallels in their work in many other areas outside of architectural structure which eventually led me to looking at the body mechanics of baseball players as a human embodiment of some of what initially seemed abstract ideas. Sol Lewitt’s Lines from the midpoints of lines 1975 was a particularly inspiring drawing and I think the one that opened my thought process beyond the boundary of the lines into what happens at their intersections and at the mid points and the consequent difference in enery within the varying contained spaces. In combination with Lebbius Woods ‘System Wein’ Project, where Woods was exploring these principles of energy. Woods was looking at Vienna’s buildings, streets and open spaces not as organized matter, but rather as organized energy. He stated that the visual language through which this understanding is expressed is one comprised of lines—constructed in two, three, and four dimensions–which we will call vectors.

‘If we can see vectors as forms of potential and kinetic energy, then we can see buildings that way, too, and the city itself. If we can see these things not simply as objects, but as embodied energy, then we can see ourselves and others not as material objects, but as living systems interacting continuously with other systems, both animate and inanimate.’ Lebbius Woods.

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