Fashion Module, experimental ideas, body as support structure for sculptural form.

Initial ideas for me were looking at the using of materials in the traditional construction of buildings as part of a formulae for clothing or rather as attachment to supporting garments. I was particularly influenced by the building site paintings of Frank Auerbach who was working in London after the second world war and pushing paint into new directions. He was using heavy dense thick layers of paint to simulate an excavation from the ground from which was emerging a new life, a new London of modern forms out of the debris and detritus left behind after the years of sustained bombing. I was interested in the basic elements from which a final construction began or the creation of modernist forms from traditional materials.

I used this as a starting point to explore ideas within the module further. I ultimately abandoned this idea as I wanted to push myself more from a personal perspective and explore thoughts about the body as a platform for statement rather than a particular desire to refine a certain aesthetic which might share a wider philosophical resonance but for me wouldn't be challenging enough personally enabling me to create something I felt was new and deliverable. I thought I had a deeper set of statements I wanted to make and hence I explored ideas further over the coming days. I was particularly enthused with my personal approach after Monday's PowerPoint where I understood more clearly the module was something there was no restrictions upon, as we looked more closely at the work of several artists who were already experimenting with the body in innovative ways.

These images were created using 3D modelling software and hand painting textures through photoshop layers. The outer mesh represents a half protective covering. The body was to use a tyre (wheel like) centre radiating out to denser wire across the upper ribs, the eye mask was cut rubber and the body suit was material structured together designed to look like brick or concrete overlapping.

Full suit made as described above using the same principle of construction.

Here I was using more materials to embellish and try to represent various other materials such as pavement and grids together with rust as a form of face mask.

The idea was evolving into using barbed wire and heavier elements such as the iron chest centre which represented a rivet. The boots were made of rubber tire wheels.

I pushed the idea out to try and further explore pipes and other building materials to add additional sculptural form to the supporting body. The square grid would have been an overlapping tunic with hood and the face covered and sprayed over to form a sealed mask.





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