Fashion Module.. Clay sculpture influence & processes of disease.

Working on the idea of the body as support structure for a sculptural form I was increasingly fascinated with the idea of disfigurement or alteration and the ability for the body to transform using various materials into other shapes. The reality of various illnesses and their disfiguring effect upon the ‘normal’ body structures were introducing me to a number of diseases that often were psychological in origin. I was of course only assuming this as the basis for ideas I wasn’t using the notion of distressing medical conditions as an aesthetic avenue but rather seeing them as fertile areas to explore important ideas surrounding body image and notions of the self or what we learn is ‘acceptable’ visual human forms.

I made this sculpture from clay prior to this project brief and I found that it was something the brief allowed me to look at in more detail. It was representative of meat and disfigurement but I wasn’t fully sure of where that idea might evolve to.

Disfigured face made from clay and painted to represent decaying meat.


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