Fashion Module.. Exploring sculptural ideas.

Looking further into the ideas surrounding the body as support for sculptural representation. I explored some thoughts using glass as a frontal frame upon which I could paint an alternative body which would act as a form of sculptural projection. I was working with identity and the use of other materials to portray an additional type of identity which could be worn or attached in front of but still supported by the person. This was experimental and simply a stage in the process of working through ideas. The filtration of the images was intended to hold together the feelings of disquiet and uncertainty surrounding this exploration of doubtful gender in my own mind. It also sought to aid the sense of things being below the conscious and to make one feel as observer as if they were arriving to the sculpture as a dream.

Using the black hood as a means of flattening out immediate ability to recognise gender. I explored the exaggerated ideas of body parts that were clearly deliberately over emphasised on the glass.

Exaggerated breast size, representing personal wish whilst also deliberately objectifying the body part which later led onto ideas of sculptural body protest or certainly the idea of a platform for protest.

Later I looked at using a different material to place in front of the body which would have been easier to work with. I became interested in the idea of using photographs as collage using the body as the support mechanism. The images would attach via a process of stitching which would act much like surgical stitching of a wound. Again I was enthused by ideas of body dysmorphic illness and gender confusion and the process of one body being a supporting structure for representing these difficult contradictions between the inside and visible outside. I thought of wearing the subconscious outside whilst the conscious body carried that around as a visible challenge to the viewer. A revealing of the inside using the outer body platform as the means of display.

Exploring the ideas of fractured dislocation of self image. Arising through environmental pressure and also through internal dialogue. The connection of the images would be though surgical stitching to explore notions of surgery representing a balm for physic ailments.

This collaged image had a much more surgical base using the crosses and lines used by surgeons to make marks upon the body for incision.

This effect could be produced using plastic curved building material with an image printed and pasted onto its curved transparent structure.


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