The why of learning creative method, quiet passage to the edges of ourselves.

Double yellow lines

Roadside double yellow lines taken out of their traditional flat plane and seen instead within the context of a city as wrapping their symbolic energy around and through the spaces we inhabit. A photographic extension into an energy form.

Life as an artist comes down to surviving the rehearsals. The points of conscious delivery when one first surrenders all sharp objects indeed anything you could do serious damage to yourself with. This is the moment when one moves from pure abstraction of thought and idea into a space of horrible, messy, sloppy and indecisive reality. Everything is a shock and a dreadful experience. No resounds everywhere and it is here that one either gives up through overwhelming anxiety or takes a step back and returns to the building blocks of order derived from historical aesthetic principles. Their rhythmn acts as a meditative sea shanty moving one away from the rocks of chaotic despair back to a calmer centre where one hopes a quieter navigation of ideas can again take place.

It is this movement toward rocks and away from them that is constantly part of the creative process. One is always trying to avoid crashing abstract ideas into the jagged edges of reality. Sailing safely toward them can only be done through learned principles but it is the moment of disembarkation, the point where one gets wet, that one relies upon feeling and the subconscious invisible to negotiate oneself past the rocks to the goal of imaginative realisation.

The why of learning creative method is for me the compass to the edge of the rocks. Ultimately if one is to explore the unchartered self then beyond the rocks lies fear and chaos which a compass cannot navigate. This is purely because for each individual that final part of the journey is wholly unique and not mapped. Of course we all share a certain familiarity of terrain but it is for each individual artist to express what the materials underfoot or in their hands feels uniquely like to them. It is for each individual artist to describe their view of the landscape they find themselves in. Creative method gets us nearer to a cohesive shared place where expression can take place in a coherent sense but it is the landscape beyond the jagged rocks that is the uniquely difficult place. Creative method affords us a quiet passage to the edges of ourselves but it is for us to bravely step out into the inevitably unfamiliar and create something uniquely us.



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