Working with 2D flat surfaces to explore ideas of 3D space.

These are a series of images I produced on a journey to the city centre during the first few days of the 3D module, whilst I was still exploring the ideas of translating the 2D concepts I had of shape relationships into a working idea of creating the 3D tetrahedrons. These images helped me develop a clearer sense of the relationship between lines and planes and encouraged me to explore the week in greater depth. I have taken architectural imagery as a 2D flat photographic surface (which I was familiar with) and then tried to explore through this, ideas of 3D space on a flat surface.

I was experimenting with the ideas from the 3D drawing class and working with still imagery to create depth and further explore any relationships with surrounding spaces. I used a process of folding a buildings geometry to create a sensation of what I wanted to uncover when I was looking at architecture's relationship to other surrounding planes, lines, vertices and open space. I found artificial colour an interesting way of further helping me understand these relationships as sometimes the repetition of black and white was producing a familiarity of structure that I wanted to avoid. I wanted to come to each image with a unique feeling and hence I coloured several to facilitate this process. The last 2 images are a reminder for me to remember the interaction of plane and line with open space or invisible surfaces.


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