Body dysmorphia

Metal frames and twigs attached to brick wall. Drawn over to explore ideas of dual process.

I used two metal frames to represent lack of muscle structure and I attached these to a brick wall to impart the feeling that there was an immovable psychological force at work in someone seeing there own body very differently from how it might actually be. I then drew over the body (twigs and branches were used in the lower section) to emphasise a ravaged form. I wanted to mix a photograph of something I constructed with another media such as pencil to explore duality.

I am using these very exploratory ideas in an attempt to work out the place I want to occupy for my final body sculpture. All of my ideas centre on the distorted body or the impact of the body upon the viewer. The distorted body has become a contemporary art cliche so I spend a lot of time battling with the idea of how to make something that could be relevant. I am not seeking to shock as that is a waste of creative energy and it undermines the philosophical message one tries to convey. I am seeking to build an honest idea that I have worked through and explored fully and hoping that this approach will deliver a coherent final piece.



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