Losing fixed perspectives, burning as metaphor for imagination.

I set fire to a number of newspapers and cardboard with a view to photographing that from above so that I could explore what may or may not emerge. I discovered what appeared to be a satellite image covering a large area and the further one moved back from the image the more one got a sense of looking at a town or city. This of course requires the imagination to be engaged but it is interesting to me at the start of looking at the idea of place in the Fine Art project to see how one might go beyond what one initially is confronted with. This is simply playing with malleability and the transformative possibility of what might be seen as an initially fixed objective perspective.

Of course this is actually physically altering an object by burning. The burning process however is meant to stand as a metaphor for the imagination.

Burnt newspaper and cardboard. Transformed to represent imagination working on an otherwise familiar set of objects.



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