Form as an idea of time period.

In investigating a sense of place. I have long found the Curzon Street station building in Birmingham to be not only historically very interesting but also interesting in the sense that it stands alone as architecture from the early 1800's amidst a wealth of new architecture being constructed in the new learning quarter. Birmingham City University are developing their new campus here and there already exists a variety of new buildings.

I wanted to look in this image ( A mixture of drawn planes from my 3D drawing module overlaid onto an architectural plan of the Curzon street building.) at ideas of old and new approaches and to see how the interplay and juxtaposition of very different time periods in this place could be expressed in interesting ways. For me this could be the start of exploring a structure for a painting or collage that could create a different creative framework than one that might not have emerged unless I was willing to explore real contrast in visual approaches to the same building.

The impossibility of thinking of what design or architecture might emerge in a hundred or so years time for me is what is interesting about the idea. There is a sense of having to lose what is known and to think very abstractly to approach new solutions. I like the contrast in time periods and what seems an impossible gulf in thinking between ideas of form and aesthetics. I would like to explore this further.



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