Body energy and futuristic ideas of clothing.

This was a rather abstract idea developed initially out of the thoughts surrounding energy and negative space, which emerged for me out of the 3D module. I considered the idea of body energy as a source of support using the bodies own charge and the notion of a covering for the body that could be supported by the force of energy generated from that field. This could be a source of energy that might power a hologram for example as clothing or covering for the body.

I represented the idea of a field or energy in the drawing rather than portraying a particular type of appearance as the point was the use of invisible energy rather than the form the covering would take. I thought the interesting idea was how energy might be used from the body or that around it (For example radio waves or other energy fields present in the atmosphere that surround us all of the time.) to support other types of structures. We are familiar with the idea of actually attaching things to ourselves but perhaps in the future this idea of attachment could be replaced and clothing (covering) may be say chosen and loaded from a portable visual device which uses ours and surrounding energy fields to cover us with say a hologram type image of the outfit we have selected.

Body warmth and climate control could also be handled via the appropriate harnessing of the energy field.

This is a futuristic idea, but when one engages with the question of body as a support structure then this gives rise to thinking in unique ways. The body as a structure opens up many avenues of thought that explore both new practicalities and left field inventive alternatives.


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