Imagining new structures from the familiar.

Combining the drawn 3 dimensional shapes which were inspired by traditional solid forms and then blending those with energy patterns generated from looping computer software. I made the graphic so the solids are combined in an initially recognisable building form but at the same time each piece becomes a separate space and by mapping the energy lines / fields onto the solids I have tried to create a feeling of energy / vitality within what seem still fixed shapes. Coloration is used to force the eye to move around the shapes and view the structure as sectional so that by this movement a building might be imagined totally new next time one perceives a familiar structure.

It is an exercise in altering seeing and I hope one that reveals my appreciation of the modules combined intention of revealing new discovery pathways out of what at first seems simple and familiar.

I have included this post under both the 3D and Fine Art menus as the structural image is again part of my journey to understand 'place' in a more creative way and thus it is very much part of the Fine Art project as I work through my ideas.


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