Tetrahedron drawings exploring energy and space. Influenced by Woods & Lewitt

These were some of several drawings I did after familiarising myself how both Sol Lewitt & Lebbeus Woods were using line and triangular structures to convey there sensation of dynamic forces. This interested me greatly and I explored line length and density in trying to convey a sense of depth, distance and individual energy within the overall structure.

Their work helped me appreciate constituent parts acting as an intinsic whole and how structure can be harmoniously combined from what might appear as the randomn intersection of lines. I kept true to triangular and platonic solid form and used Sol Lewitt's principle of beaking the line, that is intersecting lines at various places other than the vertices, to explore sensations of energy.

The drawings were experimental and designed to tease out new ways of looking at the solid object constructions we were working on in class. I found doing the drawings helpful in trying to open my mind to new ways of seeing the solid tetrahedron structures we were working with.

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