Curzon street building. Represented by frequencies.

Actual representation of sound recorded from Curzon street building via microphone and later matching frequencies of sounds. The image has been enhanced to make the shapes more visible but the forms are precise.

This is an actual visual representation of frequency modulation that I recorded as sound by pointing my microphone (attached to my iPhone) and doing a 360 degree pan of the structure. This was done at night to reduce the impact of traffic noise passing. The sounds act as atmospheric feelings of what the place is like in terms of the frequencies audible to the human ear in connection to the building.

I didn't have software that can convert this audio into a visual form only ideas of peaks and troughs using a decibel meter and the recording of the sounds themselves. So I had a rough idea of pattern and a definite idea of noise frequency.

I then used software that drew on the work at the University of Santa Barbara Media Labs and the work of Paul Bourke on fractal geometry. This software allowed me to reproduce frequencies that match those on the audio and represent these in a visual form. The final image is much like the images of galaxies and so forth produced by large telescopes. I use software to enhance the visual information so that one gets a sense of aesthetic visual beauty in what to the ear can be high pitched and distorted signal.

The words Curzon Street station represented as a 3 dimensional wave form. This was a separate spectrometer that could produce a 3D model of frequency / pitch across time. The frequency of the sounds and their length can be seen on the diagram.

I am very interested in employing all senses in relation to place and in integrating several aspects in combination. This is an actual representation of the sound, the wave forms are not manipulated in any way their colour structure and background is simply enhanced to make the forms more visible against what are originally a black screen background and orange fluctuations.



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