Curzon Street building as sound & touch beyond immediate visual processes.

This is a combined idea of the integration of sound (represented) as a visual wave pattern and Braille representing touch. The black dots are raised bumps on the surface. Both forms merge as a visual metaphor for a place rather than directly engaging purely the familiar processes of recognition of place. By developing this process one invites the viewer to share in an experience of their own ideas of place, whilst the image title and the context of its presentation ties the object to my own interpretation of a particular place in this case Curzon Street station.

What further interests me in producing this kind of work is the connection to where it might be displayed and how the idea of art gallery or exhibition and so forth provides a contextual understanding for what formally might be considered abstract ideas.

This is a sample idea based upon integrating two separate objects. These may eventually be a different colour and as stated before a form that may also address different types of visual impairment by perhaps using stronger coloured dots. The dots can be represented by thick paint which can be placed onto the surface using a small regular circular plastic mask. The RNIB produce sheets of plastic dots called 'bump ons' which the visually impaired can attach to surfaces to help them identify objects around the home. They also use a device called 'Tactimark' which produces a liquid plastic that can be used to mark objects in a similar way. I may try to obtain these and use these to write the poetry on the surface.



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