Tarpaulin cover and unresolved feelings.

I developed this image after seeing a construction site and loose tarpaulin covering sections of a building. I duplicated several areas and wanted to explore the idea of the place as something that could speak of what might be more unfavourable memory and aspects of upsetting personal psychology.

This could be a large installation that one walked through. The front thinner piece would appear quiet superficial and could be navigated easily, however once near to what one felt was the difficult aspects they would be covered by the much thicker layers of tarpaulin as in the image. The memory itself (building in this case) would be partially revealed as in the image but the viewer would see how difficult it would be to get to the points of actually uncovering the building (memory), as this would be densely packed with tarpaulin. The work would be about the difficulty of addressing emotionally traumatic psychological issues which can often be about place and how we might easily assume that issues are faced on the surface whilst core aspects still remain covered and not dealt with.

I like the idea of materials having certain ways of taking on meaning or seem more suitable for representing emotional feeling or ways of experiencing a particular sensation.



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