Wim Crouwel, Kinderspel 1965, A 3D graphic inspired by Crouwel’s Poster.

3D drawing inspired by Crouwel's use of colours and forms in his 1965 Kinderspel poster.

My 3D drawing was inspired by the work (particular the poster designs) of Wim Crouwel who was one of the most famous exponents of grid based systems of design. His collaboration in the firm 'Total Design' in the 60's saw extensive brand identity work constructed on variations in grid structures. He also produced a series of fonts that became famous for their futuristic styling during that period. His style was evolving alongside the mainframe computer and explorations into space. His work of this period has a markedly 60's sensibility but it was people like Crouwel that were designing the 60's graphically so this is a necessary feature of any retrospective look at his work.

I chose to combine this into the 3D element of the 3D Module as the drawing is based on the skills learned in that module. The focus of the post is also to explore Crouwel's work which was important in the development of graphic design and very relevant in terms of the grid based elements of the VisCom module.



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