Vector self portrait, line and material influenced by textile artists.

Filling figurative line with textile occupying the negative space delivering form.

Using material, particularly in relation to occupying negative space by the boundary of the line. I thought of the sculptural possibility in between these geometric lines and how it might be possible to represent figurative shape through what in a sense were vectors and vertices formed as the lines crossed or intersected either physically or in a spatial sense.

I was influenced in particular by the work of people such as Lonnie Holley who uses a number of different materials including a lot of textiles to make sculptural figurative shapes. The shapes emerge often from the chaos of materials and despite his use of line not being influential for me, his ability to draw out figurative forms from the abstract surroundings was. I also found Michel Nedjar's work influential, again from a figurative perspective. His figures were much more surreal and dark with a tribal element to them but he was also constructing forms from an amalgamated chaotic sense of material. I found both approaches similar from a textile point of view but the feeling of their work was rather different.

I made several dolls from this principle which were part of the finished piece during the textile module week. These figures were influenced by both artists and they seemed an appropriate inclusion in the space we were working in. I will use another post to target these elements of location and idea more fully. This post is related to the experimental nature of line as vectors and material closing the negative space.



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