Battle of wills. Card / Vector sculpture & 3D perspective.

Card sculptural form, exploring 2 and 3D forms. Titled 'The Battle of the Wills'

Duotone card / vector sculpture entitled the 'Battle of Wills'. This looks at the idea of taking two dimensional flat elements and making them deliberately 3dimensional in terms of how one views them. We live in a 3 dimensional world but see in a 2 dimensional way. The way light and shadow play on the figures emphasises height, depth and distance upon a 2 dimensional surface as a photograph.

In sculptural form one can walk around the model but 2 dimensionally when photographed there is a flatness based upon the limitations of the surface. Construction in this way creates an obvious 3 dimensional structure using light and shadow to create perceptions which otherwise would be lost when viewed as a flat object.



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