Experiment in textual presentation. Print entering perpetual flux.

Text in the maelstrom of visual culture.

Textual presentation in a non traditional form.

Exploring ideas where a grid extends out into 3 dimensional space. This imagines alignment or harmony existing on a different plane. I created these images not with the purpose of any form of balance but to explore how text might take on meaning without being recognisable in the traditional linear sense. Of course one might say this becomes abstraction and any attempt to communicate a message would be lost particularly if the purpose was to convey information via textual content.

The purpose however is to explore alternatives and possibilities and not to solve debates about how one should or shouldn't convey ideas on a 2 dimensional plane, in this case print. The point isn't to say text has lost importance or should be subsumed by the visual culture, it is to look at ways of expanding presentation and interaction with the viewer.

In my case I might be arguing for a relevance regarding print in a digital world and discussing how print's architecture can evolve alongside our own cognitive evolutionary processes. It is a discussion about how we absorb information across rapidly varying and diverse landscapes. Each new technology extends our ability to short cut traditional mediums of communication and focusses upon rapid dissemination of ideas acroos culture.

I created these images to look at print meeting the digital world in new ways. It isn't about a solution but it is about it entering the perpetual flux of the data stream and existing alongside other media in its own unique way. Is it any less coherent than a world full of MTV jump cuts transposing experience into immediacy and divesting us from the gaps in lived reality that are mundane and soporific?

We accept this virtual reality as an extension to our 'real' lives and we accept the flow of things and we move in and out of understanding and the flexibility of facts as part of our day to day, print doesn't necessarily need to be ordered or structured for us to combine it into our evolving experiences.



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