Knife cutting tomato. Peeling an Orange. Different approaches.

Force acting down on a tomato by a sharp knife.

Knife represented a different way peeling an orange.

These drawings are attempting to look at how I might approach the module in terms of creative exploratory engagement with my subjects. i am primarily looking at trying to convey action and energy and to communicate a vibrancy whilst also taking chances with ideas about form.

This is a knife cutting through a tomato and another knife peeling an orange. I have tried to explore the act of cutting in two different ways and represent the knife very differently in both images. I have sought to draw this as active energy and tried to emphasise the interaction between the sharp blade and a softer surface.

My drawings are perhaps reminiscent of several frames overlapping rather than one still representational frame. I am hoping to use these exercises to grasp a more emotional way of interacting with my subject and thus open my thinking to new ways of expressing myself. I aim to go beyond the traditional approach to interpreting a subject whenever I approach my work.

I wanted to convey action and force rather than worrying about the figurative nature of a knife, tomato or orange. The drawings are an attempt to convey something intrinsic to the action of cutting surfaces and to learn how I might develop such approaches further and integrate those experiences across the modules. Of course these may not be visual successes but both images push against traditional outline and learned ideas of shape which are areas I am trying to break free from and hopefully in time it might be a way to produce better more inventive work.



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