Braille Dots as projected template.

Projection acting as a template to mark the dots to later attach to the canvas manually.

Braile poem projected dots onto canvas as a means of acting as a template for attaching actual dots to the surface. The image is taken at an angle because of the fairly restricted working space. The beam of the projector had to be relatively far away in order to fill a fairly large canvas so I had to stand to the side of the canvas to avoid any shadows interfering with the beam.

It requires a degree of work to ensure the attached dots line up and are straight both horizontally and vertically. I did attempt to paint the dots at first but it was impossible for me to get a uniform circle, which was important. Traditionally Braille is white and raised and not readily visible by sighted people but I wanted to convey something about the dots to a visual audience also, so making them hard to see on the finished piece would have been counter intuitive for me in this project. As someone who has a visual impairment I feel able to explore Braille with a philosophical validity rather than me approaching vision loss as some aesthetic idea alone. I believe honesty and integrity in what one does is the most important of all aspects in life and also in making art that has a depth and sincerity of meaning.

I have always been fortunate in having lots of ideas when approaching any project but what I gain here I often lose in the practical implementation process, or I have a sense of disappointment with the finished work not matching my expectations or my imagination. This is often due to inexperience of working with certain materials and figuring out the best ways of doing things which isn't always the most immediate thing for me.



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