Found environmental shapes as structures for graphic layouts.

Photograph of repair work at New Street station. Roof electrical wiring.

Image used as sample layout structure for text / information.

In imaging a scenario where one was creating an article for a magazine about a particular topic, I chose my topic to be about the new developments at New Street station. I used a found grid structure as a way of placing text which might surround an article in the middle of traditional shaped paragraphs. I used text colour to link items I thought might be related so the eye would attach a connection between those elements.

These could be pull sections highlighting key elements of an article so the reader could quickly scan it and pick up key points and move on, or if choosing to they could read further paragraphs in the article.

This isn't about choosing from a range of fonts (which would obviously have more impact if one had access to them) but more about the idea of the grid structure and how one might use an area surrounding a topic they were writing about and integrate the visual structures present to create a naturally related article that could have greater harmony or natural relevance. In my case photographs of electrical wiring work at New Street station could create a visual structure that could underpin an article about the station's construction.

This is purely an example and the text isn't meant to represent good journalism or exciting headlines but rather it's about coming back with ideas to explore further coherent ways of looking at a project brief one might say have as a design studio.



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