3D plane constructions, drawings for poly board models.

Square grids represent the 2 dimensional poly board and heavier single lines represent the 1 dimensional sticks. This is the shape that reflected my original ideas in the earlier part of the module. I feel the 2D and 1D planes now work in 3D space.

2 dimensional poly boards gradually taking on the dynamic arrangements I wanted.

Earliest phase with little integration of 1 dimensional lines from the earlier part of the module.


I discussed in my earlier posts the interest I had in the energy of the single lines and how people such as Sol Lewitt had influenced my thinking in terms of the power of the 1 dimensional line. I had sought to construct a tetrahedron sculpture that contained some of the energy inherent within the action of a baseball pitcher as this was my focus in the earlier tetrahedron constructions.

The drawings above represent a further development of those ideas of energy into the 2D poly board model constructions. I was interested in complementing the thoughts I was having in the earlier phases of the module about movement, flow and dynamic forces.

I saw in the stick lines (1D) how they could stop in space or interact with a 2(D) poly board surface and where those interactions best represented swirling energy for me. I was looking at perspective line and trying to figure out a sense of possible depth through the above drawings. I felt the depth as one would look through the finished construction would be an important way to emphasise energy flow from what are essentially static pieces of white board. I found this a hard issue to solve to my satisfaction and I spent a good deal of time thinking about the sketches and what I was hoping to achieve with the finished constructions.

The sticks (1D lines) had an inherent energy that the eye wanted to explore but the poly board needed a much more careful evaluation in terms of how they could work together in space as a finished sculptural idea that would reflect both parts of the module.

I feel the final drawing contains essential elements for me of the things I was looking for but of course that has to transfer into the competed piece. I am happy however that I have gone through a long process of thinking and examining the ideas at the drawing stage as this saves much time in trying to work through ideas with poly board alone. I felt that it wasn't possible to integrate the early parts of the module with the later parts unless I drew the ideas down. I did try this but found it a frustrating process and a confusing one so I am pleased I finally came to produce a group of sketches that for me have stayed true to the first and second parts of the 3D module.

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