Book cover design from drawing,

My fictitious book cover design based on drawing and the grid.

The underlying idea for this was based upon the initial curved drawing I made as part of thoughts regarding information nodes or points of network connections. I was practicing drawing as part of the drawing module and integrating a lot of the triangular based ideas from the 3D module in the drawings.

In the VisCom module looking at grids and exploring layout I was intrigued by the non traditional approach of people such as David Carson but I was also inspired by the traditional harmonies as well. I therefore wanted to explore an idea of using simple grid based text alignment and a minimum amount of words that could have impact for me as a simple book cover for example.

My underlying drawing was something that facilitated breathing room for textual overlay and it's curved nature provided a frame of sorts for my fictitious title and the subsequent text underneath. I wasn't too concerned with the colours but I did want to create a joined graphical unity so that all elements made sense together. The drawing gave rise to the idea of X-ray and the nature of the drawing drove the idea for a book looking into flows of data. I chose the phrase 'looking inside' again to emphasise the idea of X-ray and to harmonise further I chose a pale blue slightly medical feel or perhaps a forensic sense of analysis.

This exercise taught me ways of thinking about all aspects of a designs integration and how from one element other elements or ideas can spring and drive ideas for projects. The fonts I had available also limited elements of my design but I used the fonts in my favour and worked with aspects of one for the large X and then considered the formality of two others to try and find a working relationship. I don't think it was too unsuccessful a match given the limited range to choose from. Perhaps having limited resources isn't always a bad thing in the sense one can focus on the strengths of a handful of fonts and try and find the elements that might work for a project rather than me being overwhelmed by font choices.

I think the example also shows how a grid of a type can be created by the background image, in the sense it directs the eye around the text. It doesn't form part of a grid in the way font and text alignment might emphasise but it does play a very important role in overall harmony and cohesion.


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