Musical grid piece

please click here to listen to the grid

I personally think in a way that often involves sounds or rhythms when engaging with a creative project. I write music often when I am trying to feel a way into an idea or feel more connected to the way something appears to me.

I saw the grid as a container whose content sometimes seemed locked in or caged. I feel the content vibrating to get out of these containers in some way and the musical rhythms for me were about exploring how content could be liberated in a form from fixed horizontals and verticals. I was only thinking this way in terms of breaking the grid and not as a definite way of always seeing a grid construction for layout. It of course has its valuable uses, and of course Brockmann and Carson have equally valid ideas despite the fact they exist at the opposite end of the graphic design spectrum,

I include my music in my notebook as they are valuable pieces of information for me and I like to expand what is possible via the digital process past what could be normally contained in a sketchbook. I think sketchbooks should reflect all of the creative elements involved in one's ideas and the digital medium allows this fully.

The underlying rhythm contains a structure that appears to block the other beats from escaping. It is meant to represent images or text contained or being restricted by a grid. Some notes get past the basic beat and float beyond it and this is my thinking of images or text not being aligned traditionally and exploring beautiful new patterns of possibility. The music I write helps me explore my ideas but I imagine that to others the connection with music may be somewhat left field for the modules.




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