Photographs at building site. Playing with planes for graphic construction.

I like to create my own graphic grids as a basis for ideas with typography. Perfect type selection is difficult as fonts are very expensive and thus one is limited to available system choice. The fonts are a crucial part of the process so there are aspects lost by utilising substitutes but they do convey the overall idea.

I used various photographs of signs and fencing from a Birmingham park as the basis for this. The idea was to create a plane through the grid of the interplay of the fence and signs so that some lettering might interact with the concept of being behind the grid and other lettering might be in front of the grid. This was holistically planned so that there would be a tight integration between the grid and the letters to convey a connected meaning.

I was very interested in the idea of planes or the lettering giving the impression of moving across and out of the grid rather than being part of its 2 dimensional nature. I photographed at 2 angles, one being flat for the background and the other being left to right and away and down from the lens. I then used the lettering to act across these planes to get a sense of movement or contrast. The word security was chosen as a means of emphasising the idea of being behind a grid and in front of a grid.



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