Sound & fashion. Body sculpture as technology enabler.

Plumbing piping joined for support frame.

Coloured lighting gels have to be cut to fit the support frame and attached using strong double sided tape.

2 coloured frames completed. These act as the 2 side frames for the body.

This is part 1 of the construction process for the sound sculpture piece which is to be worn on the body. These 2 frames will work as the left and right side for the body and a front and rear piece will then be added (later post) each also containing different coloured film gels.

There will also be a head piece made for attachment to this main frame which will also have different coloured gels attached but it will use the same lightweight tubing process.

When completed the piece will be wearable by stepping into the entire frame and the lightweight plumbing tubing will rest comfortable upon the shoulders. The sculpture will encase the body to the knees and it will be possible to move around quite easily in it.

The sculpture is designed as a prototype for integration with sound software so the sculpture will be video taped and in real time the software will react as described in a previous post to the alternative coloured gels and their interaction with light. The result will be an ambient collection of sounds generated uniquely by the sculptural piece and its movement.

This is a combination of sculptural fashion piece and installation work. There is practicality in sound responding to clothing or clothing being used as a conductor or responder to environmental energy such as sound, light or telecommunications signals. Whilst the sculptural piece doesn't represent wearable ideas of fashion it does represent fashion amalgamating into technological areas beyond fabric and construction and into a place of being a functional technology enabler.

This is an exciting direction for fashion and clothing and I saw the module as an opportunity to experiment with wider ideas beyond traditional notions of where fashion is.



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