Breaking the grid. Design for science or IT article.

This design was constructed from many elements learned in the differing modules and integrated as a coherent piece for the VisCom module.

This was a combination of graphical elements that firstly began life as a 3D sculptural model created for some ideas in the fashion module. I wanted to use that futuristic figure in a layout for the VisCom module as part of thoughts about breaking the grids traditional layout principles.

In all of my designs I have used my own drawings and images as buildng blocks to create integrated pieces in the VisCom module. I took the 3D figure that I created and I explored the idea of breaking the figure apart into coloured fragments which further gave rise to ideas about biology or networks. I thought I could then use this as a basis to investigate non traditional text layout for say a science article or a computer related article. I had been working on mark making in the drawing module so I included an abstract figurative drawing I was working as part of the page design to represent further the ideas of a human figure as part of the zero and ones of all encompassing data. It could also represent the on or off of gene sequences in biology and the swirl of chemical streams.

I wanted to break the rules of the grid but I also wanted to look at echoes of the grid being included as part representing pixelation or broken signals as the article for me was focussing on either biology or information technology or a combination of both.

The text in all of my examples is merely Lorum ipsum text and merely used as a sense of place holding for the overall design and what might possibly be said. As I said in all of my designs for this module I have either gone out and photographed the grids and structures for my designs or I have drawn or created them seperately all as specific coherent ideas related to a defined idea about a project.

Every piece of work has been rigorously thought through as an entire piece even though I was being experimental in how ultimately the design might end up and how the grid might or might not be used. I think using one's own work throughout rather than juxtaposing found elements from other places which haven't begun life as part of the project creation process brings an integrity to the designs and an honesty to the ideas however successful or not they might ultimately be considered.



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