Design for Architecture magazine.

Photograph taken for this design idea at Birmingham Millennium Point.

This was developed as an entire piece for the module, based on the idea that everything might be explained from purely the design of the cover without using words to describe its contents or what the magazine was about.

I was struck by the idea of design purely as a motivator of interest and how a magazine might attract the attention of someone on a crowded magazine stand. Part of the process for me was to first visually engage the viewer but offer no immediate usual text, headings or calls to action.

This was part of exploring the idea of the grid in my architectural surroundings and then using that in terms of the building itself to represent a grid structure or at least a metaphor for grid based design. I took the photograph at Millennium Point in Birmingham for the project and then I overlaid a hand altered and coloured font into an architectural style A. I used bold colours to capture a European architectural flavour to what was essentially a background image I took in Birmingham.

The 8 could represent the issue or a title. I chose a very curved font from my limited selection to contrast with the rigid horizontals and verticals.

The cover idea plays with the notion of grids and explores how they can be used visually as strong backgrounds as well as in a traditional design layout sense. There would be opportunity in the cover design to use the architectural shapes as boxes for written content also. I thought this was an additional example of working with the environment around me to produce design ideas based upon a deeper awareness of the grid and its possibilities.



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