Developing sculpture project & making tetrahedron head piece.

Constructing the body, three further gels will be added to the front, back and top respectively.

Building the head piece using bungee cord as a means of holding the tubing together to form a tetrahedron.

Tetrahedron head piece completed, gels wil be added to 3 sides

The body frame is fairly robust now and just requires the addition of a few more gels. These need to be cut and sized and attached which will then leave a finished main body piece to step into. The headwear will be a fairly large tetrahedron that will sit upon the body frame.

This was constructed using the same plumbing piping as used for the body but additional strength was created for the headpiece structure by using bungee cord threaded through the tubing and pulling it very taught. This was an ideal way of creating the structure as the angles of a triangular shape would not have worked well with traditional plastic plumbing connectors. I have found bungee cord a very useful item in terms of providing flexibility and strength in non traditional structures.

I will place gels onto 3 sides of the head piece and they will be attached using a hot glue gun and clear Sellotape which should give me a fairly seamless finish.

I will shoot the final piece as a fashion type shot using studio flash outdoors but I have yet to decide how best to light it or in what context the idea might work best.


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