Exploring ideas of the grid as fine art. Taking a print design further.

Photographs taken for the module and amalgamated as a fine art typographic grid.

Original typography idea playing with the meaning of letters and how they could be laid out on the page.

The grid merging into an idea of painting or collage. Using the grid as discreet blocks but using colouration and glitching of the blocks allowing through the design for it to become points on the page that allow the eye to roam (almost in a step motion) amongst what feels a world of distortion and fracture. The central typographic letters remind the viewer this is some form of textual communication rather than a necessarily abstract amalgamation of blocks or colour.

I wanted to explore the idea of graphic design and a fine art sensibility, whilst also echoing the grid, not as a structural element but as a repetitive frame for seperate spaces of colouration and text. The design could stand alone but there is also sufficient white space to the top right for clear text to be added if this was part of a magazine spread for example.

All of the images used in this were architectural photographs I took around the city for the module and one font face for the main letters in the centre of the design.

I am very interested in the relationship between print and other media and exploring ideas of the possibilities of perceived boundaries.



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