Finished cube body and tetrahedron head piece. Ready to wear.

Finished cube & tetrahedron with signal device.

Tetrahedron head and cube body now fully covered in photographic gels and placed in a wooded area to contrast natural forms with its formal geometry. The tubed construction in the branches will be held by the wearer of the cube and tetrahedron and this will be used to represent notions of signal scanning. The tubes have been connected in an ariel formation with a handle so the wearer can easily hold it.

The sculpture for the body, as I have said, represents an enabler for audio software to react through light hitting the colour gels and then playing random sequences or patterns based upon the information it is receiving through the video camera.

This is an installation idea representing concepts of clothing reacting to and enabling technology. To create a traditionally shaped fabric construction would not have readily communicated the ideas as futuristic directions for clothing because it would be referencing what the viewer already knows.

It is useful for artists to work outside of the traditional frames of reference of a discipline in order to stimulate their thoughts. This of course is traditionally dismissed, as what one is communicating tends to stop at the visual reference point of the object. The viewer seeing it as non recognisable fashion usually won't engage with deeper principles. I think it is important for artists to work in fashion disciplines and bring what they feel is creative and inspiring and communicate that to the designers and stylists that can then integrate progressive ideas into their own intelligent skillets.

I think the more fashion continues to cross pollinate with other disciplines the more exciting and inspiring designers work will be.



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