Grid Layout & repetition hindering emphasis. Soporific harmony.

A sample grid based design layout for a selection of images taken for the projects brief. This was a very early example of working with grids to arrange information in a supposedly accessible way. I used existing blocks of body text as examples of what might be said in relation to each image perhaps if one was writing an article in a traditional manner to provide more information.

This was an early example of breaking the page up into sections and producing very straightforward ideas in a very formal way. The page lacks dynamism and is rather dull and the staccato nature of the image and text block sizes provide no focus of emphasis and the reader isn't given any sense of priority about the information. The information looks readily accessible and in neat rows but it doesn't encourage the viewer to want to explore further despite the page being a traditional grid based layout which provides harmony and so forth. Perhaps one might say the harmony here however is more soporific and fails to direct or motivate the viewer in any way.

The point of this inclusion in my notebook is to show that apparent rules about structuring information or compartmentalising it requires more than tacit adherence to a blind acceptance of a grid as a structure that will always gives pleasing and useful results. Harmony is one thing but sending your readers to sleep is another.



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