colour, shape and the single line.

Pattern colour and the single line expressing movement.

Sol Lewitt inspired piece. I personally found his use of line and pattern inspiring and it has led me to investigate colour, shape and pattern and the use of the single line myself. This sort of exercise I found useful in the 3D and VisCom modules as although Lewitt uses primarily traditional shape structures I preferred his use of pattern and repitition.

I was interested in principles of energy in both modules and introducing dynamic movement into the constructions and designs. My own drawings were experimental involving colour and pattern and using single lines to convey an energy that I was trying to find ways to express in my ideas in many of the modules.

I liked the idea of the line seeming as one connected loop although there are lots of discreet shape forms from that one continuos line. There is one break in the entire structure and I had used this approach in my tetrahedron wood construction where a line acted act as a break in the current of otherwise perpetual flow and connection. I am unsure as to why I am intrigued by that break in the otherwise connected circuit and I find this something of continual interest.


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