Braille dots as completed canvas piece and background for projected sound waves.

Braille poem completed on canvas.

Part of the canvas showing the coloured Braille dots in more detail.

The retina contains 3 main layers of nerve cells, the bottom layer are the photoreceptor cells. When light falls on these cells they initiate the nerve signals to the brain. The photoreceptor cells are made up of rods and cones. There are 3 different types of cone cells red blue and green each sensitive to that particular part of the light spectrum. In combination they act to perceive a full range of all the colours we see. The use of red green and blue to write the poem was a way of communicating the nature of the way the eye works.

Braille as I have stated before was the first human binary language and the second photograph here was taken close up to the canvas to emphasise a similarity to ideas of how computers also see data as 0 and 1's

This isn't the finished piece, it will be photographed and videoed with the projection of the previously shown sound wave structure overlaying the canvas. This post is for the purpose of showing the finished dots attached to the canvas. The poem has previously been translated in an earlier post.



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