Poly board sculpture from earlier drawings and cardboard construction.

The colours chosen have a triangular geometrical relationship on the circular colour wheel. They are split complements and thus related to the geometry within the sculpture itself.

This was my completed poly board sculpture which developed out of my earlier posts including the drawings and prototype cardboard construction. I took several images prior to the final piece that will include elements of the 1 dimensional line work from the tetrahedron part of the module.

The sculpture evolved through all the processes for me into a coherent connection between triangular, circular and square forms. I was conscious of the geometric connection between all of these shapes and how one might form a square from triangles and vice versa and how a circles geometry contained the integration of these other forms also. This was of course an obvious discovery but for me in terms of how their relationships could work in 3Dimensional design it was very interesting to work with shapes and planes and work with the natural harmony of geometry to create interesting structures and to get a deeper insight into architectural form and design as well.

When I was painting the poly board with acrylics I decided to use a geometric colour scheme in terms of the relationship between the colours on the colour wheel. The three colours used; red, orange and green blue green are a split complementary form on the colour wheel and thus they reflect a geometric relationship in a colour space as much as the shapes are geometrical connected in terms of circles, semi circles and triangles. Red and Orange also have a strong link with ideas of energy, vitality and movement and this was central to my idea in terms of how I wanted the sculptural form to feel.

There is a sustained logical development of ideas throughout to get to this finished idea. Whether the final piece is ultimately aesthetically successful is up to the individual viewer. From my point of view as the artist I am satisfied that there is a solid logical recorded process of thinking throughout the entire process and one I regard as a hugely valuable learning experience.

I will add the final pieces to finish the sculpture which will be the elements from the tetrahedron construction. For me their addition will be to bring to attention the geometric relationships I found intriguing in that part of the module. I will post a full explanation of what that means in terms of the completed piece. This post was to do with the outcome from cardboard construction and drawings and the use of colour.


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