Double page magazine layout.

Double page magazine layout idea exploration.

Original photograph I took at Millennium Point in Birmingham used as basis for the design

3D model built for Fashion module used as figurative base for magazine design.

The images are of a 3D model I designed for my fashion module and the metal background grid is a photograph taken of a car park by Millennium point in Birmingham for the VisCom module. My idea was to utilise environmental architecture as structures for my grid designs and page layouts and further explore the possibilities in those when building ideas for the VisCom module.

When one looks at the emergence of new publishing platforms for print communication there exists many opportunities to look at print in new ways. The flexibility and instantaneous nature of these platforms bring with them a mixture of other disciplines that reflect the way we communicate today. The speed of communicating processes are mirrored in the new platforms. They are built to allow the amalgamation of quick ideas, layouts and designs. The grid can be used as loosely as one wants when a designer identifies the message and the audiences expectations.

This is an example of a double page magazine layout which I have tried to construct so the visuals communicate ideas of what the small textual area may say. The graphics are designed to stimulate interest in the viewer so they want to engage or find out with what the article might be about. The visual clues stimulate the senses and encourage involvement in the viewer. The colour scheme is harmonious and friendly and the focus in a busy design blends around the lime green square which contains the article.

A grid wasn't used for the design directly but rather relationships were established between images and typography to create a harmonious eye flow from page 1 top left down and across to page 2 then up to the lime green article. The design may seem complex but I was trying to experiment with an underlying idea of simplicity and also the notion of page size. Thus page 1 bleeds onto page 2 so they are not regular in size. I also wanted to clash ideas of white space into a busier design and contrast them across pages, again to simply explore ideas of how an overall coherence might or might not emerge.

There is evidence of a grid based idea in the original photograph (second image) which the design for page 1 was built upon but I explored a variety of options and thoughts as I developed concepts of a 2 page layout. The third photograph shows a still of the 3D model built and painted with varying textures for the fashion module which I blended to form the magazine article.



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