Video & Music for environmental wool sculpture piece.

This is a short video and music piece for the wool sculpture installation. I made a much fuller piece which looks at the similarities between roots, twigs, vines and the intertwine that wool as a sculptural form mirrors. The size is prohibitive for uploading and viewing online without downgrading the quality of the video significantly. This piece is merely meant to record the sculpture in situ as the elements change it. As this sculpture was an additional piece of work for my module beyond the main piece constructed on campus I felt displaying a 5 minute video would be too long so I have chosen this as a record of place and to experiment further with brief video recordings for the module.

The music was written to resonate with my ideas of the sculpture existing out here alone through all types of weather. I felt this as something rather ethereal and dream like. The piece isn't in normal view so it exists to me as a part memory of what I initially created, until I specifically go and see it again and see how the elements have altered that memory.

The nature of the materials mean it will change as the wooded area changes and as the weather impacts it, which isn't true of other many outdoor sculptural materials. I like that idea and find it an area of interest particularly in the sense that as it write this, outside the piece is gradually changing. Animals may be interacting with it or insects and birds and so forth but this is hidden to me and that makes for an interesting process when one creates something and then allows the elements and nature to change it.

I think this project represented well for me what I found so fascinating about textiles when I first encountered them in the module. I am pleased that I have made a piece that reflects some of my deeper thoughts about how certain materials (particularly wool) communicated to me. I am still having this conversation but now it is one that takes place in my imagination between something I have created and feel connected to but yet I allow nature to alter as it will.

I have written a short piece about the philosophical influence of Process art upon my thinking in a subsequent post.


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