Jorinde Voigt. Engaging with other senses.

Opus Nr 2

Ludwig Van Beethoven Sonata 1to 32

I had seen some of Jorinde Voigt's drawings and collages at a gallery in London earlier in 2012. I found her work and the uniqueness of her visual language something that I wanted to explore more of.

I am someone who personally is sensitive to music and rhythmical pattens. I find Jazz (a very broad term) the nearest musical form to how my mind sees or at least how things feel dislocated to me. I seldom see for example the whole thing but rather sense disparate elements or aspects that in some way vibrate as a note does. I don't try and organise these notes but rather try to remain open to how serendipity interjects, enabling exploration of possible other subliminal harmonies which make a new whole or different structure.

Jordine Voigt's drawings series Ludwig Van Beethoven Sonata 1 to 32 are very close to my own feelings and exploration of visual language being used to represent other senses. I readily connect with Voigt's premiss and idea and I found much similarity in the things I found interesting in the other modules. I was always attempting to uncover beyond the visual sense and recreate an aspect of something that was more than one element of experience. If an element had happened to be sound for example in a module I would, like Voigt, have wanted to at least look at what my other senses made of it, which may have produced a similar visual response.

The drawing module specifically engaged with blind touch and communicating through the pencil with paper which is in essence what Voigt is doing in her visual exploration of Beethoven's Sonatas. For me she isn't attempting to recreate a different language of musical notation but rather identifying with the other senses existence in Beethoven's work.

Moving beyond the visual sense to feel is something I am deeply connected to through my own visual impairment. I think for me many artists who are working in the most interesting ways are engaging with other senses and not just looking to a visual language to interpret the world. Of course Voigt is taking classical music and creating her own symphony of visual discovery within it but this is of course the same process as I am discussing but rather in reverse.

I don't possess the skills to communicate my world through drawing and I think much of that is due to a period growing up where drawing was profoundly difficult and rigid. School certainly would never have sanctioned anything other than absolute direct copying of an object absorbed only though the visual senses. This has left a dulling of that aspect of feeling for me and a long period of disengagement with drawing. I however find drawing some of the most compelling and sensitive of all the art forms and exhibitions I visit are often to see people like Voigt who have a masterly control of the medium.



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