Movement with the pencil.


Ballroom first drawing.

Strictly Ballroom second drawing.

I am still finding it difficult to break through with drawing and to convey something I feel that can extend beyond the form. Each drawing seems to be holding a recognisable shape that overwhelms despite my attempts with line to simply connect with mood, moment and energy rather than the actual visible object.

These were two efforts on my IPad drawn from watching the TV Ballroom programme Strictly to capture the merging of partners into one feeling of energy using purely just sweeps of the pencil. These drawings do capture some movement without, in my view, too much exaggeration but they fail to convey a sense of what I find interesting about the subject.

I tried to make the second partner invisible and just give a suggestion of the other with the briefest of lines for the head in the first drawing and more solid lines in the second drawing. They both however seem to lack vibrancy or emotion. These are just experiments with drawing to try and aid my development in the subject but I continue to find the outcomes too decisive with form and I feel it will take a long time to get even competent with the subject.



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