Pure Feeling. Mark making through touch.

Fish, through movement and touch.

Vegetable collection through touch and movement.

These are two examples from a series of drawings that have purely evolved through touching surfaces and making marks on paper with pencils and charcoal. The visual sense of what I was seeing was secondary to how these objects transferred a sense of themselves through my fingers.

I found it interesting that the lines produced reflected the movement of my finger on the surfaces rather than necessarily reflecting perhaps their intrinsic shape or texture. I notice a lot of continuos lines and lines trailing rather than necessarily a variation that might produce a different type of visual representation based upon curvature or straightness of particular surfaces.

Perhaps this isn't necessarily a bad thing as visually when drawing one takes account of these changes through eye sight. I imagine the best place would be somewhere within the middle of the two perspectives so that one captures a rich visual sense whilst also reflecting a deep connection with a feeling of the objects.

Again these are exercises that I work through and struggle with. In particular I am very unused to using a pencil and paper as I nearly always work digitally. I have never engaged with any form of direct drawing until this module so its a continual battle to push beyond into the free spaces. I love doing this for the possibilities of discovery but I also dislike it hugely as I find it so tough and after drawing I always feel drained. Only writing poetry leaves me with a similar sense of mental fatigue. If you are blessed with a gift to draw from your heart that must be a wonderful feeling.


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