Different seasons overlapping media.




I took ideas from my drawing module and elements from my VisCom module and combined thoughts I found appealing in both. I felt the graphical organisational aspects were a very interesting contrast with the free form elements of drawing and I tried to explore that in these ideas.

I drew a collection of what for me might represent organic growth or clusters of moments that I felt conveyed; trees, birds, ground, bark, grass and other snapshots of landscape and I then rearranged them and overlapped them in a collage sense to work alongside very structured graphic design motifs such as the grid, straight blocks of colour and or lines.

I think they create a nice contrast between a man made formality and the organic natural forms. If I had more time on the modules overall I would have liked to explore the area further. It is something I will return to and look to investigate more, as I very much enjoy the cross fertilisation between the modules and integrating elements that seem to enrich fertile fields of wider discovery.



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