Exploring visual language and symbol.

3D image engaging with ideas of barriers either as a process of disease or as a process of the edges of our sense perception. Disease in this sense as retinal disintegration changing the perception of sight. The red layer is the retina and the blobs are drusen deposits that bulge though the membrane and cause visual distortion and sight loss as in my case. So it has a personal message and a wider symbolic meaning.

3D symbol of a basic cube. Familiar geometry repurposed . A modern yet old idea of the hieroglyphic symbol representing something beyond immediate textual interpretation. A visual language rather than purely textual.

My finished project for Fine Art evolved out of the many earlier posts and thoughts and the journey I was taking with ideas about other senses and thinking beyond how we immediately perceive the world. I was interested in interpreting the idea of place with a range of senses not just representing something as a purely visual experience.

I thought using the canvas as a medium for display was a strong metaphor for immediate perception and that placing over this surface various notions of other senses such as touch & sound was something that could hold together my thoughts in a coherent way.

I wanted the work to be intelligible but not presented in immediately recognisable narrative form. I wanted different areas of the brain to activate rather than just it just have a visual response. My previous posts explained my process of thinking with the various elements included in the project such as Braille, projection and sound and the methods I used to put these together.

This post is really trying to solidify that thinking with the presentation work that was produced as sheet output as opposed to my electronic blog format. The first sheet looked at seeing and language and the ideas that reality is the boundary of our sense perception. I used a simulation of reality that is commonly seen as artificial namely 3D modelling to represent ideas of what really makes up 'reality' and I tried to provide a very symbolic sense of communication which was presented as seemingly modern yet has also very ancient roots such as hieroglyphics. I was looking here at language or the way communication formats are accepted as making sense or not and the power of the symbol and how that shortcuts and fires different parts of our brain to activate. This is in contrast to the areas of the brain we use when looking at text we have learned to understand and that doesn't trigger a visual response in the brain.

I was trying to work across many levels with this idea and lead into a way of presenting my ideas in a way that might be extractable to a printed output although what I was trying to say used a different medium of presentation. I was therefore looking at how to represent my blog ideas as a presentation sheet of ideas and breaking that down into a form of symbolic introduction to the ideas relevant to sheet 2.

The sheets are a translation of ideas out of a projected piece and the attempt to hold together that idea within another medium such as paper. I was using symbol rather than narrative throughout and I felt it was important to convey that idea when moving to paper.



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