Finished presentation ideas of fashion piece.


Image representing the ideas of previous posts about fashion as a conductor or receiver for signal. In this image the signals are weak and trying to be picked up hence the materials are inactive except for a red stripe indicating some electrical activity.

Full signal, the piece is illuminated and actively participating in the network.

The individual constructed pieces before wearing.

A metaphor for the idea of clothing being used to connect to signal networks.

Charging. A visual metaphor for the idea of charging as if a battery. THis pose was designed to represent ideas about reconnecting and hence the pose is bent and awaiting full charge to vertical.

These are a sample of images that I took as the finished idea for the accumulation of my previous blog posts about the ideas of fashion as a conduit for electronic signal and the integration of fashion as an enabler of technologies. My previous posts explain my thinking behind the pieces and the process of construction and why I approached the idea of sculptural fashion in this way.

I spent a long process of exploration throughout the project and looked at many ideas. I undertook this one as it merged well with my own interests in technology and the exciting ideas of where fashion can evolve. I felt the piece was something I could create within the timeframe and something that had a strong relevance.

The piece is symbolic representation of what a practical realistic direction for fashion could become in terms of materials use and how they could function as facilitators and enablers of other technologies.


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