Tetrahedron finished pieces.

Finished sculptural piece using combined ideas from the earlier tetrahedron structure and ideas of energy flow particularly as it related to kinetic energy.

Early tetrahedron piece representing the square containing the energy flow.

These were the two finished sculptural pieces from the 3D module that I had discussed in earlier posts. I started with the idea of contained energy by framing the original tetrahedron sculpture inside a square which was two triangles joined. In the poly board piece I developed this idea out into a circular form acting as the frame and by contrast allowing energy to flow. The two ideas were very much linked to geometry and the interrelationship of shapes. I viewed them not as separate entities but rather as parts of the other and I enjoyed working with that idea and developing my thoughts as the module developed.

I integrated these geometric relationships into ideas about energy and I used that as the basis for both pieces as I explained throughout my blog posts. I spent a lot of time working through ideas and refining the final piece so that it went beyond an purely geometric aesthetic.


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