Reasons for doing things are never that clear.

Land floating in reflection and sky, a disorientating movement.

For me a great sense of movement and strangeness.

Possibly my favourite in terms of unexplainable undulations.

Upon a recent visit to the cemetery I noticed large piles of earth in a separate area that had clearly come from ground overturned in the digging of graves. As my iPhone acts as my visual sketchbook I wanted to record these collections of puddles and mud but it was extremely difficult to communicate something beyond the obvious amalgamation of dirt and water. With a very high resolution camera like a Phase One there could be a possibility of looking at detailed textural patterns which the high resolution could record. With an iPhone however the challenge is always to purely creatively engage with the image itself and see it stand or fall by a basic idea. As with all my ideas they are staging places to evolve ways of seeing and to add to a collective thoughts and approaches they are never the final thing in themselves, certainly not at a Foundation stage of art and design.

I started to look at the images and realised I was interested in the sculptural movement within the inherent stillness. I was also interested in the idea that this was a place of sadness or somewhere one comes when life has been turned upside down by the passing of a loved one. Using those basic simple elements, I simply turned the images upside down and I discovered the elements contained inside my original thinking about why the dirt and puddles must have attracted me without me consciously picking that up originally.

My point I imagine is often that simple ways of looking at things can have a profound effect and for me I see that as a progressive thing. Yes one can view this as simply a matter of turning images upside down but for me it is something I will look to expand upon and add to my visual language in the future and shoot more material with that process of display in mind.


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