Leo Fitzmaurice. Repurposing of objects. Information & Beauty.

Leo Fitzmaurice magazine sculpture.

Some thoughts on contemporary artist Leo Fitzmaurice and the discussions he creates for me around object repurposing and alteration of 'meanings' or original symbolic intention.

I find in his work a transference of energy in his acts of re purposing familiar images and objects, stripped in many cases of their initial intended informational function. His work vibrates with a sensibility toward intrinsic beauty and the sculptural aesthetic oft underlying an objects commercial purpose or our own textual identifications with it. His acts of transference silence consumerist text noise and alert us instead to the sleeping passive beauty lying at the heart of otherwise covered objects.

Leo Fitzmaurice is not seeking imposition of new symbolic meanings, his desire is rather purely aesthetic. He wills us to engage, now language is muted, with the materials themselves and the beauty held within them as non capital objects. These simple acts of transference have the effect of revealing a wonderful, unheard, architectural opera lying beneath the libretto of commercial structuralism.

I am interested in his freshening of visual perspectives and ideas of liberation from a Jungian sense of learned archetypes, where messages become ingrained and engagement beyond essentially numbed. This arises not only from deliberate commercial intent but more often by process of our own necessary filtration, as we seek to manage the global detritus of inconsequential prepacked messages and information.

Fitzmaurice allows us space to engage with an objects essence uncovering the hidden aspects of things and the spaces surrounding them. Things that are there but whose absence has been forced by a more powerful commercial presence. He reminds us that as we ‘attach’ language we remove ourselves one step further from the object merely ‘being’ and either add our own foreground perspectives, or ones that have been commercially drawn for us. This process changes forever the relationship we might otherwise have with the objects themselves. The overlaying of textual sounds deplete the object of its possibilities or rather suggest a predefined space. Leo Fitzmaurice’s re purposing affords us new opportunities of engagement revealing the object as more than mere conduit for a message, just as we are more than a collection of learned ideas about ourselves.

I am looking at his work because it explores alternative ways of looking at familiar objects and he is an artist that works in simple clever ways to create conversations about ourselves, the culture and prevailing ideas.




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