SSTV signals, images / colour via radio waves.

This is an experimental video piece, which is looking further into ideas of philosophy, science and ideas about aspects of the self and understanding which are indicated in the new module. Its a quick idea straight from the IPhone with no effects added but rather is a film of an SSTV interpreter screen on anther device being influenced simply by my contact with the surface of a microphone so that the SSTV interpreter read this as a signal but not one that it understands. As the signal contained no information relating to is purpose it amply produced randomn colours in odd sequence.

The predominant blackness in the video is representative of our being closed or shut down to data unless we are equipped at points to translate something into what we determine as intelligible to us. Being unable to translate into what we are familiar with can be a breakdown in machinery but it can also be mental illness, visual impairement, or some other form of interjection into how we have learned to perceive or cope with what we regarded as intelligible. It is interesting that certain periods in the 60's were categorised by pulsating light as representative of the effects brought about by LSD use. In this case a deliberate process of interjection that was seen as in some way expanding consciousness.

The lights interspersing the blackness are as I stated actually out of focus SSTV signals. SSTV stands for slow scan television which is a method of transferring images via radio waves and is commonly found in use by amateur radio operators. SSTV systems have been used on the international space station and on the space shuttle to communicate to Earth. It was also used on the first moon landings as a system of back up signals in case of failure of live broadcast television signals. SSTV sends static pictures using voice frequencies which is something I find very interesting as I am increasingly looking more closely at signals, frequency and data and how they transfer information (data) and the way we process this. Which is something I am carrying forward from aspects of the earlier 6 modules.

What is essentially an abstract visual video piece is in fact looking at ideas of how we process light and what we are capable of interpreting. We are essentially equipped to make sense or reconstruct these signals so that we form our 'reality' but I find it interesting how what we dismiss as having no sense is the actual 'reality' or how light travels or at least is directed until interpreted. It is only the processes we have invented to decode for us the recognisable and familiar that leads us to a conclusion of sense.

I am interested in our symbolic abstractions and technological systems that aid in our creating what we feel is sense. I am also interested in the packaging of data and the unraveling of it into what we see ultimately as comprehensible.

This is purely a scrapbook of ideas and it is not meant to be a sophisticated example of completed video work. The importance for me is experimentation with different types of signals rather than at the moment to come to any conclusions.



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